High-rack warehousing - a storage technology that reaches for the top

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency of method are particularly important for the storage of goods. High-rack warehousing enables the storage of considerably more goods in the same surface area as a conventional warehouse. The requirements placed on storage and picking systems are, however, greater. Hall-style warehouse construction is the ideal option when it comes to erecting high-rack systems, and to operating them for optimal profitability.

Shelves upon shelves - a fantastic system

A warehouse qualifies as a high-rack facility whenever its racks reach a minimum height of 12 metres. Such a system offers great flexibility: a high-rack warehouse can consist of palette-shelving with 1000 spaces, yet also offer several hundred thousand square metres of storage space area. Along with the required number of shelving surfaces, suitable equipment to service those shelves is also necessary: especially over greater heights the storage spaces can otherwise become difficult to reach or restock. Since manually retrieving the items stored on the many racks is no longer an option, high-functioning storage management systems, which keep an up-to-the-minute record of stock, are a must. Sections for technical equipment and management are therefore also necessary in the warehouse itself. It is here that the warehouse management team will work to track and coordinate the overall operation of the warehouse. Another part of every high-rack warehouse is also the so-called ‘prep area’. In this area, goods deliveries are received and routed to the correct shelves by the shelf-servicing equipment. A similar area is required for the retrieval of the stored products.

Steel - the number one construction material for high-rack storage


Steel-skeleton construction methods are ideal for high-rack facilities. Put together using the silo method, the racking system can act as a structural framework for the building’s façades and roof. It is also possible to erect a similar shelving system in a warehouse constructed with other means. This variant of the system is particularly useful where the warehouse building itself is to be constructed in concrete. The advantages of the steel-construction for high-rack storage system lie in the rapid construction time it enables, as well as the resulting narrow cross-section profile and in the possibility to re-purpose the storage system at a later date. In all dimensions — width, depth and height — a steel-skeleton warehouse building can be re-configured after its initial construction.

Following your exact specifications, we can plan and erect a high-rack storage system to match any usage requirements. Simply get in touch with us. In our initial conversation we will learn about your ideas as client, and, using a preliminary project plan, we will gladly produce a cost estimate for your new storage centre.

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