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Construction commission

New-build car dealership with workshop


Johann Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG
Liebergstraße 66-68
52385 Nideggen-Embken

Project information

This new Mercedes car dealership, with a total floorspace of ca. 2,540 square metres, was constructed over a period of just six months.

The total building complex comprises 1,100 square meters of exhibition space, 500 square metres for the car workshop, 700 square metres for the HGV workshop and ca. 240 square metres of office space.

The brand-new architectural piece was handed over to the client at a spirit moving-in part on 14th January 2003.

Project planning:

Strauch Projektmanagement GmbH
Kölnstr. 36
52382 Niederzier

Complete construction project implementation

Althoff Industrie- und Verwaltungsbau GmbH
Enster Str. 15
59872 Meschede

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