Construction commission

New-build exhibition pavilion for METRO Group


Metro-Straße 1
40235 Düsseldorf

Design + Concept

Althoff Industrie- und Verwaltungsbau GmbH
Enster Str. 15
59872 Meschede


Project information

Dusseldorf’s Ehrenhof courtyard played host to METRO Group’s exhibition, ‘The Fascinating Worlds of Business’, from 12th May to 11th June 2004.

In total, 41,000 visitors enjoyed the ‘Fascinating Worlds of Business’ exhibition from METRO Group — including 8,356 school pupils, for whom the exhibition became a popular school trip destination.

This far exceeded the expectations of the exhibition’s creators. Original and interactive exhibits enabled a behind-the-scenes view of business. Five core topics were the exhibition’s focus: internationalism, quality, marketing, logistics, and retail. 

Each of the topic ‘worlds’ was presented in its own experience space. The exhibition illustrated the contexts and background phenomena of business.

A sense of life in decades past, as well as the modern-day workings of industry, were reflected in exhibition pieces from the archives of METRO Group and unusually-interactive installations, as well as in films and slideshows from past and present.

METRO Group hosted the exhibition to mark the occasion of the 2004 jubilee of three of their corporate brands.

Complete construction project implementation

Althoff Industrie- und Verwaltungsbau GmbH
Enster Str. 15
59872 Meschede


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