Assembly halls - plenty of internal space

Assembly halls boast plenty of usable internal space, meaning that larger products such as vehicles can be assembled. The halls, often constructed in steel, also offer ideal conditions for production line assembly. Constructed as lightweight design halls, assembly halls can also be erected for temporary periods directly on, or indeed next to, large building sites.

Assembly hall requirements

Assembly halls are specialist production spaces that are specifically adapted for the usage requirements in a particular industry. For larger machinery or vehicles, correspondingly large internal surface areas are necessary, without any impediment from structural supports. Dependent on the field of use, prefabricated assembly halls can house a wide variety of technical equipment such as pressurized areas, climate control equipment, refrigerated rooms, air washers or oil separators. All of these aspects are taken into account in our planning department, resulting in a draft design exactly specified for your company’s production or assembly line.

Steel-skeleton or ferroconcrete - construction methods for assembly halls

For optimal flexibility, assembly halls, as well as production halls are by preference erected without internal structural supports. Secondary spaces that may be necessary, such as spraying booths, airtight rooms or cleanrooms, as well as social spaces, are located in a separate section around the edge of the building. The enables the hall building to have a generously-proportioned inner space. Steel-based construction is the ideal method to implement such a design. The flexible construction material enables floor plan flexibility whilst minimising costs. Constraining the layout to a grid formation saves construction costs, and means that the hall’s inner room can be reconfigured according to future requirements changes. Use of an appropriate building method also means that extensions to width, depth or height can be achieved at any time. Ferroconcrete construction is best suited to particular requirements sets. Prefabrication of the weight-bearing and reinforcing structural elements means that even this construction method can boast short construction times and economical completion of the entire project. For the façade design of an assembly hall, all contemporary building materials can be considered. The shell of the building may be realised using steel-trapezoid structural elements, sandwich panels, or solid building.

From a simple production hall for machine based manufacturing through to highly-sophisticated assembly halls for electronic components, we can plan and implement all manner of building projects. We can take over the entire development of the project and deliver a long-lasting assembly hall, designed exactly to match your requirements.

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