HPL-Panels – Façade outer covers with that certain something

High pressure laminate panels are used as an outer-covering for building façades. This modern building material is noted for its high degree of flexural rigidity and weather resistance. The breakage and impact resistant panels are available in many styles and lend a unique outer appearance to hall buildings and other structures.

High pressure laminate - durable compacted panels made from cellulose and resin

HPL façade panels are industrially manufactured. Pressure and heat are applied to a mixture of cellulose, phenol resin and melamine resin to result in a stable panel. The smooth and hardwearing outer surface protects the panel material itself, and can be decorated with practically any imaginable design. HPL panels can be digitally printed or dyed through with various colours. Especially when you would like your hall building to reflect the corporate identity of your organisation, the material offers practically boundless options. The panels can be processed using hard-metal woodworking tools. This allows each panel to be shaped to the exact size required on site.

Correctly affixed panels are durable panels

Laminate panels can be affixed to the building substructure in various ways, and in general are directly affixed. Whether the fixtures should be visible or hidden can be decided in line with the intended aesthetic effect. High pressure laminate panels are ideally suited as an outer covering for building façades. Different architectural effects arise from the choice of edge work. Frame-less mounting is possible, as is mounting within an aluminium frame. The panel materials are available in thicknesses of 6, 7 and 10mm. The maximum size of a panel varies by manufacturer, but is approximately 2.0 x 5.5m.

Synthetic-material panels are a new construction material, and are currently coming into fashion. Their resilience and resistance to dirt, a result of their closed structure, means that the panels are ideal façade materials. We would be glad to advise you on the topic and determine whether HPL panels are a suitable material for your intended construction project.

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