Logistics centres - the centrepiece of goods turnaround

A logistics centre is a consolidated facility for several companies, where distribution and transportation of goods is organised from a single central location. So that this efficient solution can function optimally, the centre, its storage spaces and management buildings, must all be built to match the requirements of all of the stakeholders.

One design to tackle everything

Also known as outbound logistics, distribution logistics includes all the storage, turnaround and transportation processes of all imaginable goods. Indirect distribution routes via a logistics centre can save costs for both companies and their end-user customers, since the organisation is simplified and a larger market can be targeted. This is achieved only when the design of the centre is ideally matched to the requirements of goods turnaround. Alongside sufficient storage space for the arriving goods, a logistics centre also requires a management area which provides suitable accommodation for offices, lavatories and other rooms. In addition to carefully respecting the usage requirements, the centre must also be constructed in such a way as to ensure flexibility of usage and size, and to make future extension possible.

An effective logistics centre guarantees profitability

Amongst the most important requirements that a logistics centre must fulfil include ensuring the maintenance of goods quality and the minimisation of transportation times. So that goods turnaround can be achieved effectively, sufficient space for manoeuvring various vehicles and equipment must be provisioned within the storage areas of the centre. Specialised door systems allow the vehicles to drive right into the facility, saving additional time. Load-bearing foundations can act as circulation routes within the building and as the basis for the storage racks. Choosing appropriate dimensions for the building ensures that sufficient capacity is available to avoid ever restricting the facility’s use. In the centre management area, a pleasant interior working environment makes for motivated employees. A connection to the storage area allows for an overview of the facility and rapid response should problems arise.

Construction systems for logistics centres

A logistics centre can be understood as an extension of a warehouse. Given this, all the methods of warehouse-style construction can be applied to the project: steel-framed structures are an option, as are rod-shaped or flat concrete load-bearing structures. These construction methods each have their own pros and cons. The choice of an optimal method depends on the conditions at site, as well as the intended use of the building and also the client’s configuration requirements. Steel structures offer light-weight and cost-effective designs and enable large interior spaces uninterrupted by supporting structures. Large-scale steel and concrete components can, to a large degree, be prefabricated such that, in the use of both systems, short construction lead-times and budget efficiency can be achieved.

We will gladly apply our experience in the construction of warehouse and office style buildings to your project. Making use of your ideas and specification, we can produce a first-draft design for use in initial project scoping, and also provide you with a fair and easily-comprehensible cost estimate for your new logistics centre. Simply get in touch for further details.

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