Manufacturing facilities: where value-creation happens!

Manufacturing facilities are an important core element of any company in the industrial sector. Production lines are housed in modern and spacious halls, which can also become home to storage space or even offices. Cost-efficiency is an important consideration in the construction of a production-line building. The construction methodology chosen for the hall comes into play here: each of the various methods enables a particular alignment with the usage requirements of the hall, as well as with the wishes of the client.

Design concept for manufacturing facilities: an holistic approach from the start

Whether it’s a manufacturing or storage facility, in industry or logistics, all building projects in industrial or commercial construction must be carefully thought out from the word go. The right choice of construction type for a manufacturing facility is vital to achieve the closest possible alignment with the manufacturing due to occur. Other factors include flexibility in the building’s layout and readiness for potential future extension. By working closely with you, our client and a specialist in the usage requirements of the building, we achieve an holistic plan for the construction from the earliest stage onwards. In this way, we ensure that we take account of all the needs of the building that will arise in its later use as a manufacturing site. Although manufacturing facilities are above all utilitarian buildings, your wishes for the aesthetic configuration of the building also play a role. This applies to both interiors and the building’s outer appearance. Whilst the interior of the manufacturing area should be determined primarily by the creation of a good working environment for employees, a careful consideration of the building’s external appearance can enable it to become a symbol of your organisation.

Steel or concrete: construction methodologies for manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing facilities are, as a rule, structures built for permanency. This means that requirements on the design are structural stability on the one hand, and a capacity for future extension on the other. The latter factor is important to enable your business to respond to future changes in the market, or to planned expansions. Steel structures are the ideal solution given their short lead-times during construction, as well as the particular ease with which they can be adapted for future extension in breadth, height or depth. For manufacturing facilities with specialist requirements, for instance in fire protection measures, concrete-based structures are particularly well-suited. Innovative technologies mean that concrete can be imbued with various specialised properties. Whether a high degree of flame-retardancy or water impermeability is the requirement, such criteria can easily be implemented in a concrete-based manufacturing building. Concrete structures can also, just like their steel-structured equivalents, benefit from prefabrication of large areas. On-site assembly is therefore completed in a short period, which has the positive effect of reducing cost.

Well-planned manufacturing facilities become a catalyst for your company’s growth. We will gladly support you throughout the construction of your new production facility and can take responsibility for every step of the process: from planning through to a professional implementation and timely completion. Get in touch today to discuss your plans with our manufacturing facility construction experts!

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