Office buildings: administration and public image

On the one hand, an office building is a central location for administration and management of an organisation. On the other hand, such a building serves to represent the organisation. As symbol of the company that is visible far and wide, or as an architecturally-intriguing complement to an urban area, office buildings can act as a beacon for many kinds of organisation: individual companies, local government or larger corporations. Constructing an office building or commercial space can also be a lucrative prospect with regard to rental income.

The planning process for office buildings

Each and every day, an office building becomes home to the multiplicity of people who work within it. Visitors too are users of the building. The space allocation plan must take account of the needs of the users, with the longest possible perspective on future requirements. Bright offices that engender a good working atmosphere are just as important as archive, storage and social spaces, as well as lavatory facilities, meeting rooms and carefully-considered walking routes around the building. The considerable operational costs that arise from an office building mean that a well-conceived plan for insulation and heating is necessary. Flexibility of use is a further important aspect which we consider from the earliest planning phase. Finally, budget constraints also remain constantly in focus. The various building materials and methodologies available in the office construction sector allow us to design bespoke solutions, aligned perfectly with your requirements and budget.

Construction methods and structures

Classically, office buildings come into existence brick by brick on solid construction method sites. This, however, far from exhausts the range of options available. Construction technology makes many options available which rank highly, particularly in application to large-scale building projects with shorter timescales. In general, all construction methods can be considered with regard to office buildings:

  • Steel and concrete prefabricated components make a swift construction possible, even for larger-scale projects. The exceptional fire protection properties of concrete make it a material especially well-suited to public buildings and can in part allow us to avoid the need for additional fire protection measures, such as protective cladding. The high degree of prefabrication makes for straightforward construction, and modular methodologies are both budget-friendly and highly flexible, including with regard to future building alterations.
  • Warehouse-style hall construction is also an option for office buildings. This applies to both individual structures as well as to complexes of manufacturing wings with office buildings, or to extensions of pre-existing structures. Steel structures boast similar advantages to the steel and concrete prefabricated methodology. Easier construction enables a more individual architectural design, for instance in combination with glass walls, and also gives you the freedom to arrange the floor plan to truly optimise your use of the building.

As specialists in the office construction section, we create office buildings that meet their requirements and specification both aesthetically and functionally. An interior that is conducive to a good working atmosphere is just as important a design goal for us as an appealing aesthetic, which harmoniously matches the spatial layout of the site and underlines your company’s corporate identity.

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