Operational Buildings: many uses in commerce and industry

The term ‘operational building’ encompasses all structures that are not designed as dwellings and are reserved for commercial use. Office buildings can fall into this category, as well as workshops and spaces for commercial storage or technical work, and indeed buildings that combine these uses. So according to its intended use, an operational building must fulfil notably varied requirements.

Design principles for operational buildings

Before the first draft of a design for an operational building can be produced, we will clarify with you what the function of the building will be. This function varies over a wide spectrum according to the type of building under consideration. The following examples all belong to the operational building category and yet, at first glance, are remarkably varied:

  • Construction and factory yards
  • Fire stations
  • Sewage plants
  • Police buildings
  • Municipal utilities buildings
  • Drinking water purification facilities

In cooperation with clients and with the services of specialist planners from each respective area, we create a construction design concept and plan for your operational building. With an eye to both the requirements for use of the space as well as to constraints from construction engineering, we select the ideal construction method that suits your budget.

Construction methodologies for operational buildings

From large-scale masonry work to filagree steel structures, operational buildings can be constructed with any of a wide array of methodologies. Factors of both cost and aesthetic appeal play an important role in the choice of method, as well as the size of the finished building. As specialists in warehouse-style hall construction we will determine whether it would be possible to construct your operational building using the cost-efficient steel frame method. Similarly to a construction project using steel and concrete prefabricated elements, questions of cost-efficiency and construction scheduling are important. The construction method, with the flexible range of end products it can lead to, offers considerable design diversity and makes simple, purely-functional designs just as possible as more extravagant, symbolic projects. A combination of the various structural approaches can also be considered, particularly when various usage units, such as technical spaces and offices, are due to be accommodated in a single operational building. With regard to the configuration of the building façade, we are happy to discuss in depth with you the various techniques available and the advantages of each. There are many options to consider, including steel-box frontages, punctuated façades, dual façades, glass façades, or rear-ventilated curtain façades.

We can design and construct operational buildings for you, with consideration of their particular and varied requirements, with the coopertion of a team of specialists from our network. Architects and engineers with a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience can work with you to design your structure, incorporating all your requirements and desires for the finished product. On the basis of our first draft design, compiled according to your specifications, we can gladly produce a cost estimate which we will be able to refine throughout the planning process

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