Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Sheeting - hard-construction roofing for halls

Hard-material sheeting made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is suitable for hall construction, as well as for residential or office buildings. The homogenous material is delivered to site in large sheets and can be assembled rapidly with the use of a crane.

Hard-material roofs - suitable for a every kind of roofing

AAC sheets can be used for pitched as well as flat roofs. The load-bearing and exceptionally pressure-resistant material is entirely derived from minerals and therefore is flame-retardant, guarantees good noise protection and possesses very good heat insulating properties. Where appropriate to the project requirements, prefabrication of the components and rapid construction lead-times make the hard material sheets an ideal and budget-friendly material for many hall building projects. The sheets are used, for instance, as a material for concrete halls. Well-established standards for the construction method ensure a tight and force-fitted connection to the rest of the structure, which enables a reliably long lifespan for the structure.

AAC Sheeting - the building material for both roofs and ceilings

AAC-based roof and ceiling sheets can be obtained from various manufacturers and are delivered in large cuts for use as a reinforced and load-bearing construction component. Their considerable flexibility with respect to both thickness and achievable span means that they can be used for a great variety of roof designs. Mounting the sheeting is achieved without formwork or wet binding, meaning the AAC sheets can be used and walked on immediately after their installation.  Where roof sheets with built-in grouting grooves are used, mortar is used to fill the grooves after installation. AAC sheets can be mounted on all conventional load-bearing structures, and it is important even in the early planning phases to ensure that the roof-supporting structure has the required mechanical engineering properties. The sheets can be installed either flush to the structure or with protrusion over its side, enabling further variation with regard to the roof configuration.

AAC sheeting is a particularly good choice for hard-material roofs on thermally-insulated hall buildings. Simply get in touch for further information. We are glad to advise you on all questions concerning large-scale prefabricated sheeting and can help you decide whether this material is a suitable option for your hall construction project.

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