What will my hall construction cost?

Financial considerations always play a role, alongside many other aspects, in hall construction. Constructing a hall must pay off, and costs are therefore an important factor which must have an influence even in the early planning stages. According to your specific budget, we can produce anything from a simple, purely-functional machinery hall for storing vehicles, to an architecturally-remarkable structure that can also function as an object of organisational prestige.

Costs in hall construction

In general, costs for a construction project can be categorised into building costs and additional expenses. Additional expenses include, amongst other categories of expense:

  • Architectural and engineering services
  • Management services
  • Building authority services
  • Estate agent commissions and legal fees

Around 15-20% of the total project cost can be apportioned to these services. By far the largest proportion of expenses in hall construction arise directly from the construction of the building itself. In this respect, the conditions of the site play a role, but so too do the type of hall under construction and the building method. The following many aspects, as determined by the DIN 276 industry standard (‘Costing for Construction Projects’), contribute to the total sum for a hall construction project:

  • Cost of land
  • Preparation of the plot and connection to utilities
  • Erecting the structure
  • Technical apparatus
  • External works
  • Fitting out, decorative elements

By definition, construction costs are denoted less the costs for utility connection, external works and internal fitting out.

Types of hall and associated cost

The type of hall that you select is an important aspect in the determination of construction costs. For modular system halls, where a ground-plan and predetermined mechanical engineering are available, prices are often considerably lower than for bespoke-planned halls. A disadvantage however is the reduction in some areas of the building’s customisability. Light-weight construction halls make for low-cost projects, yet are not always suited to purpose. Choosing a particular type of hall construction therefore cannot be determined by cost alone, rather the decision must always take account of the intended usage requirements.

How do we ascertain the costs involved in your project?

We conduct cost estimation for hall construction projects as a multi-step process. As an initial step we establish an initial budget range, which we can determine given your requirements as well as your target budget. To do so, we use information such as the space allocation plan, the functional elements of the project, and the requirement for surface area usage, as well as technical construction and fitting-out standards. The next step follows on from the results of the initial planning phase: we determine a cost estimate within the initial budget range, with a detailed breakdown into the various expense categories. In the final stage we use the early-draft plans and calculations of our reference units to produce a binding cost estimate. 

As part of an initial briefing, we can determine for you, on the basis of the information you provide, the costs that will be involved in your hall construction. Here, our experience comes to the fore: we have already brought a vast number of hall structures into existence and understand exactly the kinds of costs you can expect. We can happily share example costings with you, and during the actual project planning we always control our processes to reflect the budget you have specified. We look forward to hearing from you!

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