Fibre-cement corrugated sheeting for hall construction

Whenever large surface-area roofs need to be built, fibre-cement corrugated sheeting is a good choice. A current technology that is both functional and long-lasting, the diffusion-open sheeting is available in many varieties and creates not just a weatherproof roof but also an appealing aesthetic.

An ideal interior climate

Fibre-cement sheeting is used as a corrugated sheeting for both roof and wall coverings. The sheets, made from limestone, fibrous cement and water, are weatherproof, frost resistant and flame-retardant. Their low weight means that the sheets are also optimally-suited for renovation projects and save on the use of cross-section supports in the roof structure. In hall construction, the sheets benefit from their diffusion-openness, which creates a pleasant interior climate. Thermo-sheeting creates roofs, for instance for agricultural barns or stables, that both cover and insulate the space in a single layer.

The perfect material for hard-construction structures

Fibre-cement corrugated sheeting is available in dimensions up to 3.1m x 1.25m (dimensions vary by manufacturer). This means that they can be shaped to exactly fit the hall’s grid spacing and are also suitable for use in large purlin roofs, as well as in both pitched and flat roofs. Widely-spaced rafter purlins can be used as a supporting structure. This means that the entire roof construction process remains economical both in assembly time and material cost. The sheets can be fastened in place with hot-dip galvanised wooden screws or clip bolts. The use of long-life sheets as a roofing material is possible for smaller buildings with a roof pitch of at least 5 degrees, and for larger production facilities or warehouses the roof pitch must be at least 25 degrees.

We are able to recommend fibre-cement corrugated sheeting as a roofing material for many building projects. The construction material can easily combined with photovoltaic roof panels, and even for special cases there are perfectly matched implementations available: for instance, oversized protrusions to create highly secure roofs.

Should you have any questions about fibre-cement corrugated sheeting, roofing materials or hall construction generally, we would be very happy to hear from you and will be on hand with both advice and help.

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