Market halls - all-in-one showroom and product storage space

In a market hall, or indeed a sales hall, the requirements of a public assembly place are combined with those of a sensible and budget-friendly product storage and presentation space. The hall construction methods we use can be optimally matched to these various needs.

The foundations for a high-function design

For a market hall to function well as place for selling, the design concept depends on more than just a carefully-conceived building. The location and its conditions must also align with requirements. The building plot must be well-developed: the provision of a sufficient number of parking spaces in the direct vicinity of the hall is a must. Inside the hall itself, there should be good interior climate control and an atmosphere that promotes sales. Products must be displayed for easy overview, and within easy reach. Finally, the atmosphere should live up to the products on sale. A well-functioning combination of heat insulation and ventilation is an important precondition for the fulfilment of all these requirements. Both the floor-plan configuration and the detailed design for the construction project must take account of the requirements placed on the spaces with a high degree of public circulation. Fire protection plays a particularly important role in this respect.

Why good aesthetics sell

On the one hand, market halls must simply function well and be fitted out to meet requirements. Beyond this however, the building should also attract customers with its aesthetic. The various methods of hall construction present various possibilities in this area. Steel structures create a particularly lightweight and elegant effect. Especially in combination with glass, the result is exclusive buildings which draw in visitors and potential customers with their visual appeal alone. Concrete halls too, with their large-scale and confidence-inspiring presence, can act as a magnet to customers. An economical and time-saving implementation is common to both construction methods. Both steel construction and readymade concrete components benefit from a significant degree of prefabrication, which enables a short construction implementation independent of weather conditions.

Market halls as lightweight structure halls

Sometimes, halls are only required for a limited time period. For seasonal sales, of Christmas trees for instance, lightweight halls in the form of tent-like structures can be an ideal market hall solution. These rapidly-erected halls do not require planning permission for temporary use and so are ideal for occasional extension of the pre-existing sales or storage space in your business.

We are the perfect partner for the construction of your market hall. We can plan a hall for you that covers all of your usage requirements and encourages sales both aesthetically and functionally. Simply get in touch and our experts will be glad to discuss your construction plans.

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