Production halls - where manufacturing gets done!

Production halls are amongst the most important buildings in industrial construction.  Everyday, many people occupy these structures. The production hall comprises manufacturing lines and machinery, as well as offices, storage space and lavatories. Halls in which goods are manufactured are primarily built with a view to budget. Many construction methods can be considered.


Design guidelines for production halls - cost-effective and flexible

Production halls must fulfil a wide range of requirements. This means requirements on the physical structure must be met, and that the facility must be securely lockable and easily walkable. An important point is also a sufficient potential for future expansion. Especially in industry, restructuring or further development are common occurrences which prompt a change in space-usage requirements. Logistics requirements, too, as well as production flows and an energy usage design, must be thought-through at an early stage of project development. There are various methods available in hall construction, each of which can be implemented to build a cost-effective production hall. Steel-structured halls are particularly flexible with regard to future extensions, since they can be extended in either breadth, depth or both these dimensions (depending on their load-bearing structural properties). Height, too, can be extended where required. Ferroconcrete based structures are also well-suited for production halls, warehouses and other industrial facilities, thanks to the good fire prevention properties of the materials. Both methods of hall construction are associated with short construction times, since many components can be prefabricated.

Manufacturing technology - an important art for production halls

An ideal production hall is built around the requirements of the manufacturing process. In so doing, it is sensible to integrate large technical equipment — such as work pits, cranes, lacquering stations and other built-in tools — directly into the building design. This ensures an optimal use of the available space, and that the load-bearing construction can be designed to align with the usage requirements and the expected loading forces. Floor structure in line with the building requirements is determined by the technology involved, and also furnished with the necessary structural reinforcement. Extraction units and air pressure systems can also be harmonically incorporated into the overall design.

Good design from the start!

So that a production hall remains effective for use over many years to come, and can also be used to its full capacity, a sustainable design concept is necessary. We can produce a complete plan on the basis of the requirements you determine. This plan will take all the relevant information into account and ensure that ideal working processes can be realised within the building. From the very beginning we place great value on close cooperation. You, as the client and building commissioner, are the specialist in the structure’s functionality. We concern ourselves with all the trappings of a successful construction project and will deliver you a perfect production hall.

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