Steel halls - slender structures with a high load-bearing capacity

Steel is an impressive construction material that inspires both architects and clients to develop an ever greater variety of buildings. High tensile strength, along with fire-protection properties and a wide variety of applications, mean that the material enables almost limitless construction possibilities for hall buildings in industry and commerce, and also for office and management buildings.

The cost of steel halls

The calculation of cost for a steel hall is largely determined by dimensions, yet the roof structure and type, as well as the wall structures, also play a role. Pitched roofs are an option for hall buildings, but the structures are often also planned with flat roofs. The flexibility of steel as a building material means that just as wide a range of roof shapes are possible. The number and dimensions of the windows in a steel hall also have an effect on cost. Depending on the type of hall, costs rise in line with the degree of usage expected. This means that warehouses and other industrial halls can generally be built with lower expenditure than exhibition or commercial halls. The steel price of the day, and also your ideas with respect to fitting-out of the finished building and its architectural form, will also play a role in determining the statement of costs.

Steel - the building material for every situation

Steel is a building material that comes into use throughout the construction industry, and has been used for load-bearing structures since the 19th Century. The idea arose in England, and ever since, thanks to its tensile strength, the material has been inseparable from all manner of construction projects — especially hall construction. The material is available in a wide variety of types and compositions, and its use in grid-like structures leads to great strength under tension, even when used in slender dimensions. Simultaneously strong yet elastic, steel is equally suitable for large uninterrupted spans and more intricate structures. Especially in hall construction, but equally for more architecturally-sophisticated buildings, steel is the material of choice. Steel structures are the standard for all kinds of hall building and offer, alongside the material’s technical properties, both short construction lead-times and the possibility of easy future extension or reconfiguration, as well as considerable design freedom. The machining processes used to produce steel enable precision-designed components and a perfect on-site assembly. Should you come to sell or disassemble the building, the material also boasts the best possible resale value.

Steel and fire protection

Fire protection measures are considered a load case in construction engineering and must therefore be precision-measurable in similar way to structural engineering calculations. Along with the protection offered to structural elements from fire, appropriately-planned steel halls can lead to reduced expenditure. The following possibilities can, for example, be exceptionally well implemented in steel hall construction:

  • Subdivision of the building into fire isolation cells
  • Concentration of fire-load in individual areas of the building
  • Roof-openings as heat extractors
  • Automatic fire extinguishing equipment

Steel looses it structural stability at a temperature above 500 degrees. The use of protective sheathes, concrete surrounds or heat dissipation methods can delay this process. The greater the mass of the steel structure, the slower it will heat up under fire. This has an effect on individual construction components as well as on overall fire-resistance duration.

Steel - a sustainable building material

Steel is one of the construction industry’s sustainable materials. This results from both its longevity and low requirement for maintenance, as well as from its reusability after a building’s disassembly. Steel can be retrieved from pre-existing structures and is then either reused directly or recycled. Its sustainability doesn’t just protect the environment and save the use of resources, but is also of considerable economic advantage to the building owner.

If you’re planning a new hall building, then in many cases steel is the ideal construction material. Simply get in touch with us. We will gladly establish whether a steel-structured hall is the right choice for you, and we can implement your construction project from the initial planning through the building’s completion. We are supported by qualified and experienced architects and engineers who can shape the construction project to precisely match your usage requirements.

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