Vaulted Roofs in Hall Construction

Vaulted roofs, also known as barrel roofs, are domed roof structures constructed in the form of a circle segment. This extremely old form of roof structure has been in use since the second millennium B.C., yet today is somewhat rarer. Nevertheless, for hall buildings — industrial halls for instance — such roofs are occasionally used, usually along with integrated drainage. 

Elaborate calculations for a sophisticated structure

From the planning of the project onwards, a vaulted roof should be considered as a significantly more sophisticated structure than other roofing options. This is true both for the construction process and the engineering calculations involved. The necessary clearances are difficult to determine and often the arc is divided into various discrete roof pitches for this purpose. Vaulted roofs fall into the category of warped-surface roof structures, along with spherical-cap roofs, arced barrel roofs and semicircular arc roofs. Roofing-in the structure is achieved, in many cases, using steel trapezoid under-structures. Fibre-cement sheeting also comes into use.

Vaulted roof structures - steel as the ideal material

To implement the roofing of a hall using a vaulted construction, various materials can be considered. Girders in the necessary shape to support the structure could be made using glue-laminated timber. Steel-based hall construction methods often use steel girders manufactured in the desired shape. The flexibility and malleability of steel makes it a particularly useful material for this kind of roof structure, and the structural forces can be supported with careful detailing. The unusual form of this type of roof, especially when combined with steel, leads to architecturally-captivating buildings in hall, commercial or office construction. Combined with glass, the attractive qualities of steel evolve even further.

Interested in constructing a steel or concrete-based hall structure with a vaulted roof? We will be very glad to provide further assistance. On the basis of your detailing and ideas we can produce a works proposal that matches both your usage requirements and architectural intentions. Simply get in touch: we can make your construction project a reality, from the first draft of plans through to a successful project completion.

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