Exhibition halls - bespoke halls for commerce and industry

Exhibition halls play host to a wide range of events and can be found in all branches of commerce and industry. A variety of requirements with regard to use and configuration come into question according to the building’s intended purpose: for retail product exhibition, as a trade-show venue, or even as a museum.

Exhibition hall construction

Every methodology from warehouse-style construction is, in general, also suitable for application to the building of an exhibition hall. These buildings become locations for exhibitions and events and so, from the earliest stages of planning onward, the construction method must fulfil the requirements of a public gathering place. Relevant considerations include fire protection, noise protection and climate control, and various technical standards underlie the necessary lavatory provision, social space or escape routes. Suitable construction methods include both steel-skeleton construction as well as concrete or lightweight construction; an exhibition hall can also be designed to act as a modular system space. According to the amount of presentation space required, and the desired span of uninterrupted space, we can design for you a bespoke exhibition hall and take on all phases of the project from advice, design and planning permission, through to project implementation and the building’s topping out.

Exhibition halls as a company’s flagship symbol


Especially when exhibition halls are to be used for sales purposes they should be understood as more than just buildings: they are symbols. The building layout, as well as the atmosphere evoked by interiors, take on particular significance in this respect. As an extension to a pre-existing company building, an exhibition hall can supplement and enhance the architectural ensemble. By using an appropriate design vocabulary, we can make this a reality for your construction project. When the intention is to use an exhibition hall for a variety of purposes, office and lavatory areas can easily be included in the design. This is especially sensible when the hall is to be used not just for product exhibition but also for sales. Attractive detailing, such as glass and steel combination walls, roof lanterns, or unique roof configurations add value to the aesthetics of the building and ensure effective usability. Within the exhibition halls, room modules or mezzanines can be built in to the design. Such demarcation elements allow for an uninterrupted working area and lend structure to the hall building.

There are essentially no limits on the configuration of your exhibition hall from the perspective of construction technique or architecture. Whether you want filagree load-bearing structures, or the remarkable effect of exposed concrete, we can design and build your exhibition hall as a representative symbol, aligned perfectly with your vision.

Our network of architects and engineers, each with unique experience in warehouse-style construction, can produce the ideal draft design for your project too; and then expertly and flawlessly implement the work from start to finish. Just get in touch to discuss further.

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