Car showrooms - hall building for prestige

Car showrooms serve their purpose as a place to retail vehicles, but also as storage facilities and exhibition halls. Given the usage requirements of a modern car showroom, hall construction is a natural option. Steel-skeleton buildings, as well as concrete-based structures, can be used to create car showrooms that are both functional and architecturally notable.

Functional car showroom design

Given the variety of purposes to which car showrooms are put, the buildings are planned with several discrete internal areas. A generously-proportioned display space for the vehicles on sale, as far as possible uninterrupted by supporting structure, is just as necessary as a management area with offices, social spaces and lavatories. An appropriate door structure ensures that vehicles can be brought into the building easily, without disrupting the look of the façade when closed. As a rule, car showrooms are accompanied by both a storage space and a mechanics’ workshop. To accommodate all of these areas in a single structure poses a challenge for building planners. Especially when there is a significance associated with the symbolic character of the building, the choice of architectural style plays a particular role. Hall construction methods present several options.

Hall-style construction for car showrooms


Halls constructed in steel offer the building planner many options with regard to layout and form. Lightweight structures with considerable load-bearing capacity enable generously-proportioned internal rooms that make a prestigious impression. The combination of a steel-skeleton framework with glass is particularly aesthetically-appealing. Transparent walls invite glances in from the outside, engendering enthusiasm for a test drive in the displayed vehicles. The management area of a car dealership, on the other hand, can be built in more of a closed format. Steel-based construction offers various options with regard to façade technology: amongst others, steel-trapezoid or sandwich panels, as well as large-scale wall materials can be used. As for the roof structure and covering, there are just as many materials available to choose from. A skilful combination gives rise to an appealing and architecturally-exciting building exterior, which draws attention to itself, turning the car dealership — perhaps in the context of a commercial estate — into a centre of local intrigue.

We are happy to take over the planning and implementation of your new car showroom. In an initial conversation we can advise you on the most suitable building method to align with your plans. On this basis our experienced architects and engineers can then develop a design concept that is subsequently converted into a draft construction plan whose form will perfectly suit your organisation. Simply get in touch for further details.

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