Commercial hall buildings - for production, storage and administration

Commercial halls are generally designed to fulfil several purposes simultaneously. They are used for storage and production, and in many cases they also host company administration, with office and social spaces, archives and equipment rooms. Alongside the requirements that the building itself must fulfil, the location of the site and the infrastructure available there take on particular significance.

In the beginning there was design - requirements for a commercial hall building

According to whether the commercial hall is destined to be used for storage, manufacture or other purposes, the construction planning will vary with respect to layout, construction manner, and aesthetic. The hall-style construction method offers a fitting solution to all such requirements, and in many cases we plan and build commercial halls using steel-skeleton based construction. Throughout the project development you, as the client, will support us with your specific expert knowledge of the building requirements, as well as with your ideas with respect to the architectural form of the building. In close cooperation with one another, we can produce a first draft design on the basis of a functional plan for the finished commercial hall building. A commercial hall needn’t generally be easily recognizable as a hall-based structure. Office buildings too can be implemented using the hall-style construction method. In many cases, halls whose primary purpose is storage or production will also feature at least an integrated office wing.

Steel-based construction methods - the ideal match for commercial halls


From the planning phase onwards, steel-based hall construction offers a considerable number of advantages and is therefore considered the best available option for commercial and industrial hall construction. The lightweight and slimline cross-sections in such a structure enable, given their high load-bearing capacity, the construction of complex floor space layouts and geometrical structures. These can be implemented easily in all dimensions: length, width and even height. The steel-based method also scores highly with regard to construction time: a high degree of prefabrication and the possibility of assembly under any weather conditions means that the construction process is highly cost-effective. Aesthetically speaking, the method offers particularly notable flexibility. A wide selection of roof structures and façade techniques can be used to create a unique hall building, even when a kit hall, with standard-issue mechanical engineering properties and pre-manufactured craftsmanship details, is selected as the construction method.

We construct hall buildings for commercial operations of all kinds. Your specialist knowledge of your industry intersects with our experience and capabilities during the development of your construction project. We can take on the entire planning and construction process and create for you a commercial hall developed exactly according to your vision. For an initial conversation about your requirements, just get in touch.

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