Workshop halls - rather more than a garden shed!

Car showrooms, agricultural machinery retail, and many other sectors throughout the automotive industry require workshopping halls in order to serve their most important business needs. For both industrial and commercial halls, the steel-based construction method is in many cases ideal.

A workshop and more - designs for workshop halls

Large, open spaces for vehicle lifting platforms and the vehicles themselves are an unavoidable feature of workshop halls. Planning must also include provision for vehicle circulation and storage space. If the workshopping hall is to be built as an extension to a car dealership or other business premises, the administrative, lavatory and social spaces accommodated in the original building can be directly connected to the hall. If the hall is to be constructed as a standalone building, then such auxiliary spaces can be accommodated within the hall structure itself. Alternatively, an office building can be added as a later separate addition.

Construction options for workshop halls


Both steel-skeleton and concrete structural forms, built on a grid layout, offer almost endless options for the design of a workshop hall. Alongside the hall itself, similarly to the situation with warehouses and production halls, the utility connection and access routes to the site must also be considered. As a construction material, steel benefits from very good structural properties, an easy means of construction, and a flexibility of application. Kit hall construction allows for even better-value workshopping halls, as well as type-tested structural properties, pre-completed fine craftsmanship, and quicker planning permission and building permit processes. A high degree of prefabrication and the resulting weather-independent assembly mean that steel-structure halls can be erected in a shorter period than their solid-construction counterparts. These advantages are also seen with concrete-based halls. Prefabricated ferroconcrete components, for both supports and joists, can be pre-manufactured in a factory and then assembled on site. If a smaller-scale project needs to proceed very quickly, then so-called quick-build halls can be an option. Completely prefabricated halls can be erected on foundations, made for instance out of heavy-duty anchoring pegs. This means that the hall can later be dismantled and sold, or indeed extended, with minimal effort.

We would be happy to accompany you throughout the construction of your workshop hall, making your construction plans a reality. We can take on all stages, from initial project development through to your sign-off, and will deliver you a hall built exactly to meet your desires and fulfil the necessary usage requirements.

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